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Joey growth up to 8 weeks OOP

Around this time, the joey will be weaned and ready to live on its own. It must be eating solid food, no longer suckling on mom, and be able to eliminate waste without being stimulated. Each joey will develop at its own pace. Most gliders are ready at eight weeks to leave its parents, but others will take one to two weeks longer. Many breeders hold their joeys until 12 weeks out of pouch to ensure social-emotional readiness.

At this stage joeys can be held from about one hour to an unlimited amount of time. The joey should be out of view of the parents whenever possible to help with social weaning. It may also be ready to take short trips away from the home as it reaches eight weeks of age.


  • Size - Size and weight becomes difficult to break down into age categories as joeys mature. Captive sugar gliders vary greatly in size and build. The main concern with joey development is that the joey continues to gain weight and mature. The ranges given here are approximate.
    • 7 week OOP 40-70 grams
    • 8 weeks OOP 50-75 grams
  • Fur - Has adult fur and the tail is completely fluffed out
  • Development:
    • Fully developed
    • Eating solid foods without suckling on mother
    • Eliminates waste without stimulation
    • Able to live on its own
  • Mobility - Fully mobile and able to glide

Photos of joeys up to eight weeks out of pouch

Gray joey 8 weeks out of pouch. Notice the tail is full from base to tip.

Gray joey 8 weeks out of pouch. Notice the tail is full from base to tip.

Creamino mosaic joey 8 weeks out of pouch.

Gray joey about 5.5 weeks out of pouch. Notice the tail is filling out and starting to poof at the base.

Last modified: July 02 2019