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Joey growth up to 2 weeks IP

IIt may be possible to see the joey through the pouch as a dark spot or very small lump. However, it depends on the build of the mother and the placement of the joey. The mother can still hide her little joey in the back of her pouch. As exciting as this time is, do not check the female every day for babies, as this can cause unnecessary stress and ultimately lead to joey rejection or cannibalization. Do not worry if you not see a joey, but witnessed the birth; the mother can easily hide the joey in the back of her pouch. Do not open a sugar glider’s pouch. If the joey comes off the nipple it will not be able to reattach and hand feeding at this stage is not possible; it will die.


  • Size - Doubled since birth, Similar in size to a small shelled peanut
  • Fur - None, pink
  • Development:
    • Eyes remain closed
    • Ears are fused
    • jaw under developed
    • Feet are beginning to become more defined
    • Tail is becoming more defined
  • Mobility - Does not leave the pouch

Photos of mother sugar glider with joeys up to two weeks in pouch

Last modified: July 02 2019