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Joey growth up to 2 weeks OOP

At this stage, you can hold the joey about four to ten minutes at a time. The joey will most likely cry for mom while you are holding it. Try placing the joey in a loose pocket, bra or cupped hands to calm the joey. The mother may exhibit signs of nervousness the first few times you hold the joeys outside of her site. To build trust with the mother, walkout of her view for a minute or two at a time before putting the joey back into the nest. Speak softly to the baby so that it becomes accustom to your voice. Shortly after the joey comes out of pouch, the parents may decide to mate again. It is possible for her to give birth to a new joey and while nursing one that is recently out of pouch.


  • Size - Size and weight becomes difficult to break down into age categories as joeys mature. Captive sugar gliders vary greatly in size and build. The main concern with joey development is that the joey continues to gain weight and mature. The ranges given here are approximate.
    • 1 week OOP 10-25 grams
    • 2 weeks OOP 16-36 grams
  • Fur - Fur will become increasingly thicker legs, abdomen, patagium
  • Development:
    • Joey becomes vocal
    • The joey is still stimulated by the parents to eliminate waste
    • Teeth are starting to come through on the top jaw
    • Bottom teeth are little more than a lump
    • Eyes will open
  • Mobility - Stays in nest or may start to ride on a parents' back

Photos of joeys up to two weeks out of pouch

Twins out of pouch about 2-4 days

Leucistic out of pouch about 2-4 days

Gray out of pouch about 2-4 days

Creamino out of pouch about 2-4 days

Gray out of pouch about 4-7 days

Gray out of pouch 7-9 days

Gray out of pouch about 8-9 days

Creamino mosaic out of pouch about 10-12 days

Leucistic out of pouch about 10-12 days

Caramel out of pouch about 12-14 days

Last modified: July 02 2019