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How to get your joey

We have developed the following purchase procedure to ensure our babies have the best homes.

  1. Read our website to learn about sugar glider care and be sure sugar gliders are the right pet for you. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions.
  2. Click on "Available Joeys" to find a joey you want to purchase.
  3. Add the joey to your cart (either pay in full or make a deposit). You will need to answer questions on the right hand side about your experience and expectations.
  4. Complete your purchase with a credit card or PayPal. Please note that transportation fees are NOT including in the price of your sugar glider. If you need an exact price quote that includes transportation costs, contact me prior to placing a deposit or purchasing a sugar glider. A deposit for a sugar glider is not refundable unless otherwise stated on this website.
  5. The sugar glider will be marked as pending. No one else can purchase this sugar glider; it is on hold for you.
  6. Within 48 hours we will review your application. We reserve the right to deny your application without reason. Most common reasons for application denial include:
    -living in an illegal area to own sugar gliders
    -lacking appropriate knowledge in sugar glider care and/or husbandry
    -we are unable to meet transport method request
    -under the age of 18
  7. If your application is approved, the sugar glider will be marked as sold. If your application is denied, your refund will be returned within 7 days. We are not required to provide a reason if your application is denied.
  8. You will be given an electronic copy of our contract for you to review.
  9. -If you are picking up or meeting me to get your new pet, you can sign the contract when we meet.
    -If you are shipping your pet, you will be asked to print, sign, and mail a copy of the contract.
  10. If possible, bonding visits are greatly encouraged. You will also be sent weekly updates on the progress of your animal(s) via email.
  11. Your baby heads home. If your baby is shipped, payment must be made in full 1 week prior to shipping. If you are picking-up or meeting, you can pay cash at pick-up.
  12. Send us updates, pictures, and questions as your pet grows.
  13. If at any time circumstances arise, and you can no longer care for a baby your received from me, or anyone else, please let me know. I am willing to help you in any way I can.


Prices on our sugar gliders vary on color and genetic background. Gray sugar gliders generally start around $200.00, while more expensive variations can range in the thousands. Prices for joeys are listed in the nursery. Discounts for non-breeding males or multiple pets may be available. Please contact me for more information. Ohio residents or those that pick up in Ohio must pay 6.75% sales tax.

Weaning Ages

Our sugar gliders are weaned between 8-10 weeks from the day they first detached from mom and the body no longer fits inside the pouch. Weaned joeys must be going to the bathroom on its own, eating solid foods, and no longer suckling on mom. All our sugar glider joeys must be emotionally ready as well. Each of our babies come with

-Bonding pouch
-Birth certificate and pedigree information
-Registration in our Pedigree Database
-Regular updates and photos on the progress of your sugar glider
-Vet referral if needed
-Care & Diet e-book upon request.
-Life-time support for problems and questions
-72 hour health guarantee (See Contract)


We do require a deposit per animal to hold your it until weaning. This is not refundable should you decide not to buy your pet for any reason. Deposit amounts are subtracted from the total price of your pet.


Payments are accepted for animals, please contact me for more information and payment terms.

Shipping is Available

Shipping is available, weather permitting, to most international airports. Service is provided via airline for $165.00-$250.00 depending on flight costs. This includes the shipping crate, carrier, airfare, heating pack (if needed), travel pouch, health certificate (if required), and other accessories as needed to ensure that the ride to you is safe and comfortable. Balance must be paid one week prior to shipping.

Meeting/Delivery is Available

Meeting arrangements can be made at the cost of $1.00 per mile calculated on one way. Mileage will be determined via Google maps from our home in Andover, Ohio. For example, if you live 20 miles from us based on Google maps, delivery/meeting charges will be $20.00. The balance due must be paid in cash or via major credit card at transfer. We do not take checks at transfer.

Pick up Date / Late Pick up

All sugar gliders must be picked up and paid in full within 14 days after its weaning date or all monies paid will be forfeit and a new home will be found. These terms apply unless other arrangements have been made in writing. All sales from our website are subject to our adoption contact and our first refusal policy.

Last modified: July 24 2018