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Joey growth up to 6 weeks OOP

The joey will begin to come out of the nest without riding on its parents. You may see the joey will visit the food stations and taste the food available to the parents. Even though the joey is starting to eat on its own, the joey is not ready to be separated from its parents. The joey is still nursing off of its mother regularly to help balance its diet. It may also start to use the wheel on its own and become interested in forging activities.

Joeys can be held from about twenty to sixty minutes at a time and out of view of the parents. If you notice the joey rooting for food, crying, or it becomes cranky, put the joey back with its parents.


  • Size - Size and weight becomes difficult to break down into age categories as joeys mature. Captive sugar gliders vary greatly in size and build. The main concern with joey development is that the joey continues to gain weight and mature. The ranges given here are approximate.
    • 5 week OOP 30-60 grams
    • 6 weeks OOP 35-65 grams
  • Fur - Tail and body fur close to adult thickness
  • Development:
    • Joey starts to try solid foods (mostly fruit)
    • Joey will start eliminating waste on its own
  • Mobility - Explores cage without riding on parents, some joeys will try to glide

Photos of joeys up to six weeks out of pouch

Gray joey about 5.5 weeks out of pouch. Notice the tail is filling out and starting to poof at the base.

Gray joey about 6 weeks out of pouch.

Last modified: July 02 2019