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Joey growth up to 7 weeks IP

The mother glider is quite large now. The baby is visible through the pouch as the skin is stretched fairly thin and is semitransparent. On occasion you may see a tail or foot slip through the pouch opening. Many breeders lower the sleeping area to prevent possible injuries to a newly out of pouch joey.


  • Size - At the beginning of this stage joey will be similar in size and shape to a peanut with its shell and will grow quite rapidly
  • Fur - Pink, dark sections can be seen where black hair will grow in, joey has a wet or shiny appearance
  • Development:
    • Eyes become larger but remain closed and have a layer of skin over them as eyelids develop
    • Tail as approximately as long as joeys body
    • Nails and whiskers are starting to grow
    • Ears still fused
    • Head grows larger, Nose appears disproportion to its head
    • Jaw remains locked
  • Mobility - Movements can be seen from outside the pouch

Photos of mother sugar glider with joeys up to seven weeks in pouch

Twins in pouch approximately 4.5 weeks.

Twins in pouch approximately 6 weeks. They are still very shiny and are just starting to show a hint of color on the ears.

Twins in pouch approximately 6.5 weeks. Notice that the joeys are still shiny, but are starting to get color on their dorsal stripe.

This is a short video of a female caramel sugar glider with a joey tail and foot peeking out of pouch. Joeys are approximately 6.5 to 7 weeks in pouch. Notice the tail is shiny, but has color.

Last modified: July 02 2019