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Joey growth up to 4 weeks IP

The mother can no longer hide the joey and a lump is visible by looking at mom. If there are twins in pouch, you will see a lump on each side of her pouch. Should there be only one baby, the pouch will usually appear lopsided. If you do not see a lump by now, it is possible that the mother has rejected or cannibalized the joey. If the mother is on the larger side, it is possible for her to tuck the joey(s) in the back of her pouch, but it will affect her gait as she moves around the cage.


  • Size - Similar in size to a small grape
  • Fur - None, pink
  • Development:
    • Eyes grow larger and remain closed
    • Ears fused to the head
    • Head grows larger
    • Jaw underdeveloped and locked
    • Toes started to form
    • Tail is about 1/2 to 3/4 length of the joey’s body
  • Mobility - Does not leave the pouch, slight movements visible through the pouch

Photos of mother sugar glider with joeys up to four weeks in pouch

Breeding can sometimes be a heartbreaking experience. These joeys were pulled and rejected by the mother. They were about 3-4 weeks in pouch.

These two lumps are joeys about 3-4 weeks in pouch.

Last modified: July 02 2019