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Dary's diet recipe and prep

Daily Staple: Zookeeper's Secret is offered daily as a staple. Be sure that it is the original brand/manufacturer to ensure quality and balance. There are similar brands from Exotic Nutrition and Mazuri, but their formulas are different.

Enrichment Supplement: Nekton brand nectar is offered nightly; a multivitamin and protein supplement originally developed for birds. It has a calcium phosphorus ratio of 1:1, therefore it can not be relied upon for a calcium supplement.

Daily Vitamin/Mineral Supplement: Mix one can of Ensure* (8 ozs) with 380 mg (3/8 teaspoons) calcium carbonate (human grade, available at most pharmacies). Do not use chocolate Ensure; vanilla or strawberry formulas are best. You can optionally add 1/4 tsp acacia gum.


  • Feed about 1 tablespoon of protein source per glider: insects, mealworms, chicken, duck meat, crickets (use caution), wax worms, or egg. Remove uneaten food daily; adjust amounts fed as needed.
  • Feed about 2 tablespoons of chopped fruits and vegetables. Use various fruits & veggies that are sugar glider safe. Do not use large amounts of any one thing. Remove uneaten food daily; adjust amounts fed as needed.
  • 2-3 tablespoons of Ensure* mixture per glider in a bowl. If you try putting it in a bottle the calcium will clog the tube. Remove uneaten food daily; adjust amounts fed as needed.
  • Zookeeper's secret (insectivore-fare) should be left in the cage. Change out food as needed.

This diet is especially useful for gliders who are malnutrition or recovering from illness. It is based on using Ensure plus calcium as the nutritional supplement.

*Sustagen is the European equivalent

Last modified: December 31 1969