Looking into getting a Sugar Glider as a pet?? Start here!
Intro to Gliders Learn about the basics about sugar gliders. How to determine sex, what sugar gliders look like, and other general information.
Gliders and Kids Thinking about getting a sugar glider for your child or young adult? This page will help you understand why sugar gliders are not for most children and young adults.
Right Pet for You Are you trying to decide if sugar gliders may be the best pet for you. Click her to learn some of the main reasons people decide to rehome their sugar gliders, or decide that they are not the pet for them.
Laws Sugar gliders are exotic animals in the United States are are subject to many exotic pet laws. Visit this page to research if sugar gliders are legal in your area
Warning-Vendors I am sure most pet loves know about mills and brokers in various pet markets. Unfortunately sugar gliders are no exception. Read more about flea market/tradeshow vendors.
Choosing a Sugar Glider Choosing your new pet may be the hardest part of all. Find out where the best places may be to find your new friend, and what to look for in any potential "adoptee".
One or Two? Is it really better to have two sugar gliders or is one ok? Read more on this page.
Boy or Girl? Trying to decide if you what would make the better pet? Take a look here to find the the advantages/disadvantages between the sexes.
Pairings Are you looking to determine what type of pairing you should get? Check out this handy chart based on years of sugar glider ownership to find out what pairings would work best for you.
Shipping Gliders Safely Wonder how sugar gliders are shipped? Learn more here.
What to Expect This page is an explanation on what to expect from your new sugar glider when you arrive home, as well as what you can do to help make their transition a bit easier. A new owner shopping list is also here.
Common New Owner Questions We often are asked questions about sugar gliders and ownership. Visit this page to learn the answers to the most common new owner questions. Feel free to submit your own question if you can not find the answer on our webpage.

What do Sugar Gliders eat? A little about Diet

Choosing a diet There are many diets out there for your sugar glider. We have posted a few of the most popular diets people follow. Diet is a very personal issue, research what is best for you and your sugar glider before choosing any diet.
Foods to Avoid There are many foods out there that are great for sugar gliders, but there are some things you should avoid.
Cal:Phos Ratios  A positive Calcium to Phosphorus ratio is important in a sugar gliders diet. Please understand that some diets already have the ratios figured into their diet. Be sure to follow your diet plan exactly.
Mealworm Farms Mealworms are quite possibly a sugar gliders favorite food, click here to learn how to start and maintain your own mealworm farm so your sugar glider will never run out.
What kind of cages, care, and maintenance do sugar gliders require?
Habitat Sugar gliders require large cages, toys, and more. Visit this page to learn about what your sugar gliders habitat will require.
Bonding Tips Sugar gliders require a lot of handling and time to bond. Click this link to learn tips on bonding with your new sugar glider.
Introducing Gliders Sugar gliders are colony animals. Usually they are happier with a sugar glider friend to prevent loneness and depression. Visit this link to learn how to properly introduce sugar gliders, and how to increase your chances on your sugar gliders "accepting" each other as cage mates. 
Nail Trimming Sugar gliders need their nails trimmed on a regular basis. Click here to learn how.
What are some health and safety concerns I should know about? Read More here!
Glider Proofing Nothing is more exciting than having your sugar glider out of the cage, but be aware there are some things you can do to ensure the safety of your glider.
First Aid Kit Being prepared is important. Find out what you should have on hand incase your sugar glider becomes ill or injured.
Ill or Injured? Learn what to watch for to identify an ill or injured sugar glider as soon as possible.
Ohio Vets Here is a list of vets that will treat sugar glider in the state of Ohio. If you know of a great sugar glider vet in Ohio please feel free to contact me to have them added.

What do I need to know about breeding? Info on breeding sugar gliders

Considering Breeding? If you are considering breeding sugar gliders, please start here. There may be more to breeding sugar gliders than you think.
USDA Licenses Do you need a USDA license? How do you get a USDA license? Find out here.
Joey Rejection If you are going to breed or have joeys on the way, read up on joey rejection. Be prepared! Learn why joeys can be rejected, and what you may have to do to hand raise a rejected baby.
Joey Growth Joeys grow so quickly into adult sugar gliders. Visit this page to learn the milestones on joey development.
Basic Genetics Genetics can be confusing, but if you are going to breed sugar gliders for a specific variation, you'll have to start somewhere.
Recessive Genes Some variations of sugar gliders, such as leucistic or albino, are simple recessive genes. Learn more about how "possible het" percentages are established.
Recessive Chart Are you curious about how to advertise your joeys? Use this handy chart for determining the possibility of your joeys inheriting recessive genes.
Color Breeding Fascinated by colored sugar gliders?? Learn here how some sugar glider variations are "bred for" and how to identify them according to most breeder's standards.
Sterility & Gliders If you are considering working with a sugar glider from sterile lines, this would be a great introduction to what we know about sterility in sterile sugar glider lines. Learn what why some people may refer to their male as "possibly sterile", or "likely to produce".
Kinship Chart Find out how your sugar gliders are related by using this helpful chart.

Basic anatomy of a Sugar Glider

Teeth Photos and information about a sugar gliders teeth.

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