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In some states Sugar Gliders are not legal to own as pets. It is important that you check with your state, and local authorities to see if if they are legal in your area. Even if they are legal in your state, you still must check county and city laws to ensure they are legal to own in your area. Sugar gliders are covered under the Animal Welfare Act as exotic animals as defined under Part 1.1 of Animal Care's Regulations. Therefore, anyone dealing, breeding, exhibiting, transporting, or researching one or more of these animals may be subject to the Animal Welfare Act. To determine if you should be licensed or registered please visit the USDA website.

Current States and Areas Known to be illegal:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania (PA is not issuing or renewing required permits to own sugar gliders. PA law REQUIRES permits to own a sugar glider legally.  Without a permit you may NOT own a sugar glider in the state, therefore ALL sugar gliders are illegal inside the state.)

Newly "Sugar Glider Friendly" States!

  • Georgia- Sugar gliders are legal own as pets if the owner has valid documentation that the glider came from a USDA licensed breeder/broker.


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