Most people
would recommend getting a sugar glider from a local knowledgeable breeder. This way, you can have someone locally that can help you with any questions you may have with you new glider. Also, you will have a chance to visit the place your glider is being born and raised, making sure it is clean and a safe environment.

You may also be able to find sugar gliders in a local pet store, but make sure the pet store is knowledgeable in sugar gliders. There are many pet stores that sell sugar gliders, but most have very little knowledge in the proper care or diet of the animals. Often times they will misrepresent them as easy to care for, and great for children. Since sugar gliders are nocturnal, pet stores rarely handle them when they are most active and needing attention to keep them tame. Never try to save a sugar glider from a pet store by buying the animal, as this will only encourage them.

Another option is to find a breeder through the Internet. Sugar gliders can be shipped, proper care is taken to see that it is done correctly. Most of the time the gliders will sleep through the entire experience. However, I wouldn't recommend this unless you could find no other alternative. Always ask questions when choosing a place to get your glider such as:
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Is there a guarantee of health?
  • Do they offer "after-sale" support?
  • Are the USDA licensed? (USDA license not required if they own 3 or less breeding females)
  • Do they have any references?
You can expect a lot of questions being asked to you also, as a good breeder will make sure there sugar gliders are going to a good home. Too many people rush into getting these wonderful animals without considering what is best for the sugar glider or themselves, leaving many sugar gliders homeless as soon as the novelty wears off.

Choosing your sugar glider:

Once you decide on where to get your glider, the time has come to pick your new glider. I would recommend getting a baby glider approximately 8-10 weeks out of pouch. Never purchase a sugar glider younger than 8 weeks of age. Always choose a glider that is bright eyed and bushy tailed, as this would mean that the glider is fully weaned, and ready to live on it's own. Make sure the young glider is eating properly, and isn't suckling on the mother any longer. You want a glider that is active, alert, and curious in nature. Be sure that the stools (poop) of the sugar glider is formed properly, and looks similar to moist mouse droppings. Ask to handle the glider, it shouldn't act afraid to be handled, and run at the first chance it gets. Every sugar glider is different. Some gliders may be shy around strangers. In cases such as these watch the breeder/owner handle the glider. If the glider appears afraid or tries to escape from the breeder/owner, ask questions. Try to keep in mind that even gliders can have a bad day, but be aware of the sugar gliders temperament. 

Where to take caution when getting your sugar glider:
  • Pet Stores- There may be a FEW exceptions to this rule, however when possible avoid purchasing sugar gliders from pet stores. Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals requiring daily human interaction. Most pet stores are closed during the times the sugar glider would be most active and wanting attention. Pet stores are loud, and can be quite busy with many different sounds and smells causing stress to the sugar gliders in their care. Most pet store employees know little about these wonderful creatures, their care, and their diet. A lot of pet stores will look to "simplify" a gliders diet, in turn compromising a gliders health, as well as passing on inaccurate information to new sugar gliders owners. Should you find a pet store you believe is safe, be sure to ask questions. Test them on their knowledge, and then decide.
  • Glider Mills- These are sad places where sugar gliders are kept in the poorest conditions. Little is thought of their care, health, or wellbeing. Animals coming from these places can be sick, and carry several different illnesses.
  • Flea Markets or Trade Shows (please see the vendor warning in our information section)
  • Buying Colors from unknown breeders, especially "hets". Ask for references and lineages of their gliders. Any breeder that is legitimate won't mind you asking questions. Beware of "cheap" colors or "hets" from unknown breeders and lines.

~Pet Sugar Gliders~

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